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Beers And Cider List 

Where Possible we use the best Local Producers of Real Ale and Cider. We have a vast selection and something for everyone.

Beeston Brewery - Beeston - The Squirrel’s Nuts - 3.5%

Mild styled ale. Smooth dark & very tasty.


Beeston Brewery - Beeston - Afternoon Delight - 3.7

An easy drinking blonde ale, suitable for a lunchtime refreshment or as an evening


Beeston Brewery - Beeston - Worth the Wait - 4.2%

A taste packed golden beer, with a balance of hops to give a gentle bitterness & a refreshing citrus hint


Beeston Brewery - Beeston - On the Huh - 5.0%

This is an old style traditional strong bitter which is smooth, malty & full bodied. The name is a Norfolk colloquialism meaning a bit wonky or not quite straight. Objects may appear this way after a few pints! CAMRA Champion Strong Bitter of Britain 2013.


Norfolk Brewhouse - Hindringham - Nibbler - 4.0%

A ruby ale - malty overtones, rich, spicy aroma and full bodied.


Norfolk Brewhouse - Hindringham - Jigfoot - 4.0%

A golden ale - well-hopped character, citrus notes and a crisp finish.


Norfolk Brewhouse - Hindringham - Jumper - 3.9%

A classic amber ale - fruity overtones, balanced bitterness, smooth finish.


Norfolk Brewhouse - Hindringham - Pintail - 3.9%

A pacific pale - light, golden and hoppy with aromatic citrus notes. GLUTEN FREE


Norfolk Brewhouse - Hindringham - Pond Hopper - 4.5%

A transatlantic colaboration between the two Norfolks to celebrate Norfolk Day, bringing together British golden style pale ale with a typically hoppy American IPA


Norfolk Brewhouse - Hindringham - White Face - 5.0%

A blonde IPA. USA and UK hops combine to deliver a fruity bitterness and crisp, dry finish.


Panther Brewery - Reepham - Golden - 3.7%

Using American hops, Golden Panther has a citrus flavour and floral aroma.


Panther Brewery - Reepham - Red - 4.1%

Clean and toasty with nutty caramel undertones, rounded with a crisp hoppy finish.


Panther brewery - Reepham - Beast of the East 5.5%

This strong bitter is an amber IPA which uses high level of New Zealand hops to give it a strong fruity punch.


Panther brewery- Reepham - American Pale Ale 4.4%

A crisp pale ale for any time of the year you need a thirst quenching beer. Late hopped using the finest Chinook, Centennial and Ekuanot hops. This creates an aromatic tropical and citrus flavour.


Panther brewery - Reepham -  Platinum pale ale  3.9%

refreshing hoppy pale, brewed to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This special beer is packed with robust bitterness and juicy hops, with lemon/citrus flavours.


Panther brewery- - Reepham - Hunter larger 4.5%

Dry hopped cask lager


Humpty Dumpty - Reedham - Little Sharpie 3.8%

Our best-selling golden session bitter - a delicate hop aroma leads to a light clean tasting pleasant finish


Humpty Dumpty - Reedham - Lemon & Ginger 4.0%

Crisp pale Amber ale, finished with a refreshing ginger and lemon tang


Humpty Dumpty - Reedham - Swallow tail 4.0%

Refreshing pale amber thirst quenching ale with a lively hop finish – an all round favourite


Humpty Dumpty - Reedham - Big sharpie 5.0%

The big brother to little sharpie same great taste just stronger


Mr Winters - Norwich - Fusioneer 3.6%

It might be mild, but this ale packs a powerful punch. Expertly melding roasted notes with hints of nuts, chocolate and caramel, get your taste buds ready for a taste explosion


Mr winters - Norwich - quantum gold 4.1%

This golden ale is pure alchemy. Combining carefully cultivated yeast and British barley with American and Slovenian hops, it balances a malty body with a tangy citrus zing to leave you wanting more


Mr winters - Norwich - Vanilla latte 4.5%

Reach out and delve deep into this velvety stout. This unexpected smooth blend of coffee and vanilla leaves a smooth and sweet lasting attack on your tastebuds


Mr Winters- Norwich - Evolution 4.0%

The missing link of the ale world, there’s nothing unnatural about Evolution. Bringing together four varieties of American hops, it has a tropical aroma and crisp flavours of lemon and grapefruit on the palate


Mr Winters - Norwich - Twin parallel 3.8%

Light in body and bright in flavour, this cosmic IPA will take your tastebuds on a voyage of discovery. The collision of fruity zing with hoppy crispness is out of this world.


Mr Winters - Norwich - Citrus Kiss 6.0%

Bold, bright and bitter, Citrus Kiss lingers on the tongue for a lasting flavour. Combining hints of zesty orange, grapefruit and lemon with hops and barley, this surprising IPA leaves you wanting more


Mr Winters - Norwich - Rorschach 4.5%

Discover your dark side with this moreish stout. A bewitching blend of chocolate and cara malts creates a seductive combination of liquorice, coffee and caramel flavours


Grain - Harlston - Oak 3.8%

An easy drinking golden bitter, delicately hopped



Grain - Harlston - ThreeOneSix 3.9%

Extra pale, dry, with a grapefruit hop aroma


Grain - Harlston - Best 4.2%

Amber, malt driven bitter, smooth and full-flavoured. Dry-hopped with mount hood


Grain - Harlston - Lignum Vitae 6.5%

India pale ale, light on the palate,bursting with juicy, tropical fruit hop flavours.


Barsham brewery - Fakenham - Oaks 3.6%

amber coloured, easy drinking session bitter with a balanced Mosaic hop finish.


Barsham brewery - Fakenham - Norfolk topper 3.8%

 straw coloured, easy drinking session bitter with floral, citrus flavours courtesy of New Zealand Green Bullet hops


Barsham Brewery - Fakenham - Golden Close 5.0%

true-to-style IPA brewed with malted Maris Otter Barley and a blast of Boadicea hops for a flavoursome finish.


Barsham Brewery- Fakenham - Stout Robin 4.6%

full bodied dark stout, brewed with a variety of roasted malts. British hops give a balanced blend of bitterness and spicy berry aroma


Wildcraft - Buxton - wild summer 4.5%

Pale ale, malty, vanilla, citrus flavours


Wildcraft - Buxton - wild eye pa 3.8%

IPA with citrus and pine flavours


Wildcraft - Buxton - wild bill hiccup 4.5%

Best bitter with malty fruity flavours


Wildcraft- Buxton - wild stallion stout 5%

A rich chocolatey smooth stout with hints of coffee


Wildcraft - Buxton - wild un-bongo 4.5%

A tropical hazy pale ale packed full of  mango


Wildcraft - Buxton - wild wood 5%

A dry hopped stout with a huge hit of cherry


Tindall - seething - Seething pale 4.3%

Malty extra pale ale


Tindall -seething - Belgian Blonde 6.4%

A beautiful blonde pale ale


Tindall -seething - Best Bitter 3.7%

A very traditional session bitter, full bodied creamy ale with floral aromas and a bitter finish.


Tindall - seething - ditchingham dam 4.2%

Amber ale brewed with stem ginger for a popular flavour and aroma


Tindall - seething - galaxy dream 4.0%

Juicy mosaic dry hopped extra pale ale


Tindall - seething - Harlequin & Olocana 4.4%

Extra pale ale brewed with 100% British hops. These newly available English experimental varieties with bold aromas of peach & mango


Tindall - seething - mild 3.7%

A good old traditional mild.


Woodfordes - woodbastwick - wherry 3.8%

A supreme champion beer of Britain, mighty fresh and zesty, rich Amber ale


Woodfordes - woodbastwick - nelsons 4.5%

The nelsons is a delicious Norfolk bitter. Made with 5 different varieties of hops


Woodfordes - woodbastwick - bure gold 4.3%

Golden ale with notes of passion fruit and orange


Woodfordes - woodbastwick - Nog 4.6%

A supreme champion beer of Britain, a deep ruby ale with a rich chocolatey taste tucked away with liquorice and treacle.


Woodfordes - woodbastwick - volt 4.5%

A beer with some serious voltage, this IPA is crafted to spark your tastebuds, tropical citrus, floral and pine notes


Woodfordes - woodbastwick - reedlighter 4.2%

Light and refreshing with splashes of fresh citrus flavours


Woodfordes - woodbastwick - solace


Tipples - salhouse - moon rocket 5.0%

A generously hopped pale ale with a crisp feel and a citrusy dry finish


Tipples - salhouse - bowline 3.8%

A light gold snappy pale ale made with pale and caramel malts


Tipples - salhouse - malten copper 4.4%

A six grain beer with a rich copper colour and smooth finish, complemented by full fruit and berry hop flavours


Wolf - attleborough - Golden jackal 3.7%

A hoppy thirst quenching golden session bitter


Wolf - Attleborough - granny wouldn’t like it 4.8%

Dark red, rich and fruity malty beer.



Wolf - Attleborough - Wolf in sleeps clothing 3.7%

A traditional Norfolk mild with malty aromas with fruity under tones


Wolf - Attleborough - lavender honey 3.8%

Honey from the Norfolk lavender company added during the brewering process to give this beer a delicate yet more-ish flavour.


S&P brewery - Horsford - Blackberry porter 4.4%

A fruity little number, a robust porter with a lingering sweet taste of blackberries


S&P brewery - Horsford - Tilt 3.8%

A golden summer beer. Bursting with the flavour of citrus fruits and sweet mango


S&P brewery - Horsford - Esprit 4.5%

A golden beer using ahtanum from the Yakima valley. This was a collaboration brew with Wildcraft to raise funds for MIND charity. 


S&P brewery - Horsford - marsha’s mood 4.4%

Mild, majed after a track by John mayall the god farther of British blues.


Poppy land - Cromer - east coast IPA 6.8%


Poppy land - Cromer - lazy days 5.2%


Poppy land - Cromer - Carnival ale (gluten free) 4%

A revamped IPA to produce a lovely session ale


Poppy land - Cromer - summer booze 4.5%







Norfolk raider - Rackheath - wingman 6.2%

Traditional cider full bodied cider with rich apple notes


Norfolk raider - Rackheath - Perry-winkle 4.0%

Bold citrus zingy flavours


Norfolk raider - Rackheath - dolly pink 4.0%

Refreshing raspberry


Norfolk raider - Rackheath - honey belle 4.0%

Light traditional & fresh with a gorgeously sweet finish


Norfolk raider - Rackheath - elder 24 4.0%

Sweet elderflower, soft and aromatic with light apple juiciness


Norfolk raider - Rackheath - Horsham blush 4.0%

Sweet refreshing strawberry flavoured cider


Norfolk raider - Rackheath - Gator 24 4.0%

Rhubarb and Ginger combined to create a modishly warm and rich cider.


Norfolk raider - Rackheath - Cinnamon lil 4.0%

A beautiful crisp cider with cinnamon notes.


Whinnhill cider -wells- sweet 6.8%

A sweet cider blended from a range of cider apples, with a medium body and a warm after taste.


Whinnhill cider -wells- medium 6.8%

A medium cider blended from a range of cider apples, full bodied and robust.


Whinnhill cider -wells- dry 6.8%

A dry cider blended from cider apples,full bodied and robust


Whinnhill cider -wells- dabinett 7.4%

A strong full bodied cider


Whinhill cider -wells- major 7.2%

Robust traditional cider medium/dry


Whinnhill cider -wells- Browns 5.4%

Light and fruity, medium/sweet


Whinnhill cider -wells- Perry 5.8%

Light floral, hint of citrus medium Perry

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